Welcome to Vinçotte International Algeria.

Word of The General Manager:
General Manager Photo
Our Company has evolved a lot over the recent years, and we wanted to reflect this through an updated, user friendly and innovative web site.
Our Head quarter ( Vinçotte Belgium) has spared no effort in passing on their know-how in the areas of Certification of Management Systems, Training and non-Destructive Testing.
Over than 15 years, Vinçotte Int. Algeria SPA has grown into a solid organization, taking pride at the dedication and know-how of men and women who contributed, and still contribute every day, to turn our company into what it is.
Indeed, we were the first to have obtained accreditation from the authority ALGERAC in September 2009 and today, we proudly hold 03 Accreditations in different areas of expertise.
Our improved website shares a lot of useful informations, aimed at presenting our organization, and reflecting its spirit and culture.
You will find our various poticies (General, Impartiality and Quality of our calibration laboratory), our various activities, accreditations as well as our Ministerial recognitions.
We wish you a pleasant visit.

General Manager